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Services : Research | Industrial Design | Engineering | Prototyping


We provide application engineering and commericalization of new technologies. This includes working with university & corporate partners to transistion from groundbreaking discovery to successful commerical products.

Industrial Design

Award winning Industrial Design from proven designers with decades of experience. Just look at our portfolio. From concept sketches, to CMF, to complete design we are the source for inspirational & successful design.


We were founded by an engineer and remain an engineering based firm. From mechanical engineering of production parts & assemblies, for any number of processes from injection molding to casting to sheetmetal and beyond, to integrated engineering with an multidisciplinary team to solve your challenges.


Prototyping services include 3D printed parts [which can range from simple PLA models to complex & realistic electro-mechanical devices in SLA / SLA / DMLS], to traditional manufacturing processes [sheetmetal / CNC / router], and a wide variety of hybrid techniques used for balancing costs with meeting customers overall business objectives. We typically complete prototypes for our clients, but occasionally will build designs of other firms under the right circumstances.

Why Choose Us?

  • North Florida’s most experienced product design firm.
    We have decades of product design experience working for leading international product manufacturers before launching into the consulting world.

    We have hired many of the top international firms – this experience developing products with the world’s top designers and engineers taught us the very best practices, and some not so great lessons too.
  • A native Jacksonville company.
    245 was founded in Duval County by Jacksonville native, Jeff Bowman. Other than my time in engineering school at Florida State University, I have lived in Duval County my entire life. After four decades I am fully invested in this community.
  • Do you charge for the first meeting?
    No. It is an opportunity for both parties to speak and evaluate the scope of work involved, review our portfolio and your needs. Call or email to discuss your product and how we can help.
  • What is your typical design process?
    Our typical process is to begin with an idea and start by completing ideation and research. Next initial designs are created by industrial designers and engineers for the client to select from. Prototypes can be built to test concepts or new technical items at this point, if needed. Once a product direction is set with marketing and technical requirements defined final design is completed. With final engineering and ID complete, physical prototypes can produced either for functional testing and/or aesthetic sales models.
  • Do I need to have a patent before I can begin?
    Not necessarily, but it certainly is a good idea to meet with a patent attorney first if you are new to product development. We sign mutual non-disclosure agreements [NDA] with prospective clients before discussing your invention. It is important to understand if you should seek IP protection and what avenues are available.

    A patent in itself is not a magic pill. We can help you understand what questions to ask and even refer you to very accomplished attorneys. A well written patent can be very valuable, and a poorly written patent can be worthless. Hire the best patent attorney you can afford.

    This is not legal advice; this is life advice.
  • Can hiring a product development firm save me money?
    Yes! Every project has three parameters: scope, schedule and cost. A good firm helps a client balance these three constraints and strives to stay within budget. More importantly, hiring a team with industry experience and a track record of developing successful products will lead you through the process smoothly.

    For example, have your ever tried to expand into new technologies that gave your team fits? We have the experience in rapidly commercializing new technologies; quickly developing product concepts, building proof-of-concept models, and transitioning into production intent design. Through this process we can help guide you through new technologies.

    Also, we have the industry contacts to ..

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